Dawood Azami

Country Chair for Afghanistan

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Dawood Azami is a visiting scholar and award winning broadcast journalist working for the BBC World Service in London. He was the BBC World Service Bureau Chief and Editor in Afghanistan (2010-2011), where he still goes frequently. Azami has been working with the BBC since 1998, first as Producer and then as Senior Producer/Desk Editor, based in London. He is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster, London, teaching globalization, power and international governance. He was also a visiting scholar at Ohio State University, USA. Previously, Azami worked as the head of an educational and training institute in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

A PhD candidate, he holds three Bachelor’s and three Master’s degrees, including Science, Law and International Relations. He won the BBC Global Reith Award for Outstanding Contribution (2009), and the first Allama Tarzai Award (2010).