Country Chair for Bahamas:
Ashleigh Rolle

Ashleigh Rolle

Country Chair for Bahamas

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Ashleigh Rolle is a One Young World and Global Dignity Ambassador from the Bahamas who has lived in several parts of the USA. At a young age Ashleigh found herself immersed in her country’s politics and finance, spending her summers working closely with the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation, the Ministry of Youth, the Ministry of Education and the distinguished Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Freeport GrandBahama.

Taking advantage of her gap year and her radio show SipSips with Ash Ashleigh has used these two opportunities to travel to various countries with her goal of promoting global dignity which is a message in sync with her national anti-bullying campaigns within The Bahamas. During her downtime Ashleigh enjoys horse back riding and fencing as a means to simply think. As a lover of life and a true comic at heart, Ashleigh lives by the words of Dr. Seuss ?Why fit in when you were born to stand out??