Country Chair for Pakistan: Amir Jahangir

Amir Jahangir

Country Chair for Pakistan

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Amir Jahangir is a strategic communication and media professional and currently the Chief Executive Officer of Mishal Pakistan. Previously he had joined SAMAA TV as Chief Executive Officer in 2008. He is Program Advisor to Stanford Research Center for Innovation and Communication at Stanford University.

He has recently launched his non-profit AGAHI to improve the state of investigative journalism in Pakistan. In the development sector, he has been working closely with the Government of Pakistan on media development, creating innovative models for healthcare delivery mechanisms and communication, advising it on skill development, sector development reforms and improving Pakistan’s competitiveness. He is one of the pioneers in creating industry-academia linkage between media and the Higher Education Commission. Jahangir was part of the launch team of the Competitiveness Support Fund, the first joint venture initiative of USAID and the Government of Pakistan.

He earned the title “Most Innovative Strategist” for developing a comprehensive strategy for Executive Opinion Surveys for Global Competitiveness Rankings to collect soft data on Pakistan. He also managed Pakistan’s partnership for the Global Competitiveness Network of the World Economic Forum.