Global Dignity convene in Oslo

Global Dignity convene in Oslo

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The founders and country chairs for Global Dignity‎ meet in Oslo, Norway to kick off two days of meetings aimed at further strengthening and promoting the Global Dignity Movement.

The meeting, happening from April 27th -April 29th, coincides with the ten year anniversary of the inception of Global Dignity by its founders. Firmly rooted in the principles of Dignity, the first of which emphasizes that “every human being has the right to lead a dignified life”, the Global Dignity movement continues to grow after a successful Dignity Day held last year in over 50 countries.

Country chairs, partner organisations and advisors from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America have come together to share best practices and coordinate their actions to champion Dignity as a right and value. An annual event, the Global Dignity Day Country Chairs meeting has become an essential component of ensuring the success of Global Dignity.

In addition to planning and brainstorming sessions‎, this year the ‎meeting also includes a public event at the Nobel Peace Center entitled “Democratic Values at Risk”.  This will present an opportunity to further build on the world of Global Dignity movement to ensure that Dignity is recognized as a right and to encourage respecting it especially in the most difficult of circumstances.

Global Dignity Day, slated to take place this coming October, aims to reach more young people than ever before, with a focus on the role Dignity place in having stronger communities respecting all individuals.

Above: The Global Dignity team in Oslo last year. This year marks the ten year anniversary for the organization.