Press release Global Dignity Day 2015

Press release Global Dignity Day 2015

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‘Every human being has the right to lead a dignified life’.

This is the first of five principles that drive Global Dignity Day around the world. In its ninth year, Global Dignity Day is part of a movement that aims to instill the values of dignity in young people around the world – living both a dignified life and helping others lead a more dignified life. This year, over 65 countries will be participating in Global Dignity Day activities on Wednesday 21 October.

From Norway to Pakistan, running through the Dominican Republic and Jordan, volunteers will be leading school workshops to encourage young people to understand, embrace and champion dignity. Over 400,000 students are expected to participate in Global Dignity this year. In some countries, like Cote D’Ivoire, it will be the first time that Global Dignity is held, as the network of countries expands annually.

Held on the third Wednesday of every October, Global Dignity Day is the pinnacle of work that is carried out throughout the year to instill Dignity as a core value. Global Dignity was established by concerned global citizens who met as Young Global Leaders at the World Economic Forum. Together with Global Shapers, Social Entrepreneurs and partners they have led this movement. Global Dignity is committed to supporting more people around the world to live a more dignified life.